13th International Congress in Nursing Informatics
Geneva - June 25 to 29 2016

Thank you for attending N2016. On the website http://ni2016.org you have the link to the online proceedings. You also have the keynotes slides.

NI2016 Awards

Best Scientific Paper Award

1st Prize

Health@Home moves all about the house!

G Casper, P Brennan, C Arnott-Smith, N Werner, Y He

2nd Prize

Integration and analysis of heterogeneous colorectal cancer data for translational research

J Jonnagaddala, J Croucher, TR Jue, N Meagher, L Caruso, R Ward, N Hawkins

3rd Prize

Ten Demands of Improved Usability in eHealth and Some Progress – Co-creation by Health and Social Care Professionals

I Scandurra, D Liljequist

Best Scientific Poster Award

1st Prize

Social media and population health virtual exchange for senior nursing students: An international collaboration

P Procter, J Brixey, M Honey, F Todhunter

2nd Prize

CarerSupport – an innovative approach to informal carers’ training and collaboration

L Lunde, A Moen

3rd Prize

Development and Evaluation of a Low Fertility Ontology for Analyzing Social Data in Korea

J Lee, HA Park, TM Song

Honorable Mention

Using model of clinic care classification in clinic nursing information system

HL Huang, C Lee, C Pei-Lung, H Chu-Jung, C Shu-Chuan

Best Student Paper Award

1st Prize

Low-cost wearable for fatigue and back-stress measurement in nursing

H Baqapuri, A Wajdan, E Kutafina, B Misgeld, S Jonas

2nd Prize

Functionality of Triggers for Epilepsy Patients Assessed by Text and Data Mining of Medical and Nursing Records

E Kivekäs, UM Kinnunen, P Paananen, R Kälviäinen, K Haatainen, K Saranto

3rd Prize

Robotic Assistance in Medication Management: Development and Evaluation of a Prototype

M Schweitzer, A Hörbst

Best Student Poster Award

1st Prize

Mapping Wound Assessment Data Elements in SNOMED CT

L Block, S Handfield

2nd Prize

A Serious Game for Teaching Nursing Students Clinical Reasoning and Decision-Making Skills

HM Johnsen, M Fossum, P Vivekananda-Schmidt, A Fruhling, Å Slettebø

3rd Prize

An efficient user interface design for nursing information system based on integrated patient order information

CH Chu, MC Kuo, SH Weng, TT Lee

Student Contest Award

International Award 1st Prize to be shared

The development and evaluation of delirium assessment and nursing care decision-making assistant mobile application for Intensive Care Unit

F Yang, M Ji, Y Wu, P Chang, X Yang

The Hygiene Games

F Klein, M Jovanovic, D Albiez, Y Titgemeyer, P Achenbach

Swiss Award

Instrumented shoes for real-time activity monitoring applications

C Moufawad el Achkar, A Paraschiv-Ionescu, C Lenoble-Hoskovec, K Major, C Büla, K Aminian


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